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So, I filled in all the online forms – there were many – and I certified that I am showing no Covid Symptoms and I have not been in any contact with anybody who is showing Covid symptoms. All was well. I got up early this morning after a sleepless night (I am terrified of the dentist) and showered etc in preparation. According to the blurb they sent me, the door would be locked when I arrived for my appointment and I had to ring them to let them know that I was standing outside in the rain – this despite the fact that on the several times that I have tried to get hold of them over the past few weeks I have often been kept hanging on for hours – at which point they would let me in, ask me to sanitize, check that I was wearing a mask for the journey along the corridor, and ‘kindly do not touch walls, doors, furniture etc and please refrain from using the toilet’.

OK, I was ready.

I skipped breakfast and I skipped coffee and I was brushing my teeth for the third time when the phone rang…

It will come as no surprise to anybody even vaguely familiar with this country to know that my appointment has been cancelled again. It would appear that my dentist was not able to fill in her online form as smugly as I. She is currently unwell, displaying some Covid-like symptoms. (Let’s be honest here – all symptoms are Covid-like if you put your mind to it.) It could, of course, have been worse: she could have started displaying the symptoms tomorrow.

I am now booked in (again) in two weeks time. My dentist will by then (I fervently hope) be well and free of all symptoms – unless, of course, she’s got some new ones. I will have to fill in all of the online forms again – I tried to explain that whilst the future was unknown, it was not possible for my medical history to have changed, that I would always be a male and that there was, to the best of my knowledge, no means of me being anything other than 61 years of age, but to no avail. If I want to see the dentist, I must fill in the forms again. All of them.

Anyway, we’ve all seen the graphs, two weeks is a very long time. Plenty of time, in fact, for my hitherto benign demi-tooth to start pounding and certainly more than enough to ensure that my appointment is once again cancelled due to a further tightening of Covid restrictions.

If you are in any way interested (and, for the record, even if you’re not) I will keep you updated. Once again, the clock is ticking…

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  1. Seriously? After all that you went through? Look, they can’t be sure that you wouldn’t have gender change surgery in the coming two weeks…And yes, all symptoms are COVID: I have a sore throat, ear pain, I lost my sense of smell the day I cleaned my daughter’s poop…I am scared I had COVID 19 for three and half years!

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