An Intermediate Little Something

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On the very first day of Lockdown I lost a chunk of tooth.  What was left of the errant molar then continued to shed lumps of itself at random intervals right up until the present day.  Each time I found myself spitting out chunks of dentine, I phoned the dentist, only to be told that she wouldn’t see me unless I was in unbearable pain, unable to sleep, or could not eat.  I will not lie, and none of the above options applied, so I chomped on to the best of my abilities.

Yesterday, the dentist rang me to say that they would see me in one weeks time.  Great news?  Should be, but you know how these things go.  Today, my tooth aches.  I cannot chew on it.  I will not be able to sleep for the next seven days.  Psychosomatic?  I presume so.  I can live with it.  What’s of most concern is that six days from now I have to submit an online form to certify that I do not have any Covid symptoms – and I can feel the countdown ticking in my head as I type…

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  1. Oh no! Could it be phantom pain, like people get when they lose a limb? I read a possible cure for that, it involved using a mirror to make your brain think the missing limb was still there. Can you do that with your tooth?

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  2. You’re going to be fine, everything is good, the world is in sink (with the dishes to do) so trust me for I am a professional chocolate priority requirement psychology speaker (don’t you just love these random word generators).

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  3. I have four teeth that need urgent appointment with dentist and the rest need braces. But having to go meet a dentist is the last priority, considering the COVID situation in India. I hope you got your teeth ‘done’ successfully

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    1. I go next Wednesday, but only for consultation. Treatment may follow, depending on future lockdowns. I fear extraction will be the only way. Sadly the dentist still terrifies me.

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