Odds and Sods – A Winter Warning

In accordance with the general navel-gazing nature of this little thread, today has been one of those days when I find myself with nothing much to say, and that has forced me to look back on what I have written over the past few weeks and acknowledge the fact that I have been studiously avoiding any mention of the elephant in the room* – Covid19. Whilst this dratted virus has been shaping everything I do and the way in which I am forced to do it, I have assiduously endeavoured to keep it out of these pages – not, I will admit, with total success. Why? Well, it’s not funny, is it? During lockdown I was more than happy to write about my own reactions to the situation, my own way of dealing with the threat, but never to directly address the viral cause of the particular set of obtuse behavioural peccadilloes that saw me through that time of rationed loo roll and pasta shortages. My default position in dealing with an absurd situation – even a threatening one – is to laugh at it. It’s not much, but it’s all I have.

I am fully aware that this approach offers an almost infinite variety of ways in which I can annoy people.  I am conscious of my unrivalled ability to thoroughly piss people off at the best of times, but there seems to be so little I can do about it.  It’s a natural aptitude.  The gift that just keeps giving.

Any-old-how, to get to the point, which was… erh… oh yes, we spent a few hours on Sunday, Mrs Mc and myself, with our elder daughter and her family at their home.  They live a two hour journey away from us and who can tell when the door may be closed on further visits?  The grandkids like having me around – they don’t have a trampoline – and we get to feel useful by doing a few jobs around the place.  I think that we are all aware that this inter-household mixing – even within families – is likely to be stopped soon, so we take what chance we can.  On the drive home – in the very early evening – darkness closed in around us with startling rapidity and I realised that this is shaping up to be a very long winter indeed.  One in which this virus is bound to loom large – even amongst those of us who will do all that we can to ignore it.

You have been warned!

*My grandma, queen of the mixed metaphor (although probably, in this particular case, the mixed idiom – who knows?) would always say that there was a white elephant in the room:

  • White Elephant – Something useless or troublesome – particularly if expensive to maintain or difficult to get rid of.
  • Elephant in the room – Something that everybody knows is there, but nobody chooses to mention.

Perhaps my grandma was much wiser than we ever realised…

The briefest pause for thought: the moment when you go for a midnight wee and you don’t even remember eating asparagus.

18 thoughts on “Odds and Sods – A Winter Warning

  1. Sticking to the 🐘 theme: Aren’t we all fed up with turning on the ele~vision to relax, only to be bombarded with irr~elephant Trump~etted shite? Let’s iron out the wrinkles in our argument, use the grey cells and make our shared environment a priority! Money isn’t ivorything, please ignore those trunk with greed and make “NHS not HS2!” herd UK. Oh and don’t get me started about those who think it’s fine to pack a trunk and go via dumbo jet!!! Lastly though, let’s make sure this sticks in all our collective memories, that kindness wasn’t a thankless tusk as 2020 was the year of rainbows. 🌈

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      1. This is how bwrw glaw sounds “Boo roo glaw”, but my most favourite welsh saying actually sounds like what it means “Uck a vee!” now how that is spelt I will have to check, aha found it Ych a fi.

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      2. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to pronounce onomatopoeia. That other part of the comment reminds me: I was working with someone the other day who exclaimed to herself “Fuck me!” to which I later said I was sure it wasn’t in my job description, to which her answer was “Depends on how keen you are” (there was lots of giggling).

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  2. I hope that’s a luminous and humorous elephant as it’s set to be a gloomy time of year in a gloomy year.
    Do you think anyone’s thought of stockpiling candles as well as pasta and loo roll? Signing in to my shopping account now… Candles, Whisky… Yeah, we’ll be fine.

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