Zoo # 36 – Lynx

Despite what he thinks
The smell of a lynx
Is really not very alluring.
I’d wager my hat
To smell like a cat
Is something you won’t find assuring.

I’d probably say,
If someone should spray
You over with ‘eau de la feline’
As odd as it seems
The girl of your dreams
Towards you will not make a beeline.

I think it’s a fact
If you hope to attract
A lover, then don’t be too free
With a spray that is meant
To give you the scent
That a bobcat might spray up a tree.

Everywhere I go, I smell Africa – not the country, but the body spray.  It is the smell, not of a generation, but of a decade.  An across-the-board odour of what a boy believes a girl believes a boy should smell like.  In truth, it’s not a horrible smell it’s just… well, how do you know whether the man has made an effort or the restroom smells clean?  (Men’s ‘conveniences’ smell the same the world over, just some of them more so.)  Also, Africa is a wonderful continent, full of all manner of things that it would be great to be associated with, but I am sure, like everywhere else, it has places that you do not want your armpits to smell of.  It’s a very big place.  Surely the makers could be a little more specific: a picturesque area of Tanzania that always smells of lotus blossom; a small town in Mozambique that always reminds me of rose buds.  Also, the pedant in me keeps banging on about the fact that there are no Lynxes in Africa.  Lynx Iberia has a ring to it – it doesn’t, unless it has one of those dinky little collars that people put around their moggy’s neck in order to announce its presence to birds – Lynx Eurasia sounds faintly exotic; Lynx Canada might well appeal to the kind of man who likes to smell of wood, leather and elk, but I think they’d need some special kind of advertising agency to successfully push a scent called Bobcat Musk – unless it was to another bobcat… 

Another Bobcat

11 thoughts on “Zoo # 36 – Lynx

  1. I am no expert on perfume, but the lynx picture is magnificent. I didn’t know lynx has weird smell. I thought they just smell like any other animals. I know skunks really have bad smells.

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  2. I use Lynx Africa, but now you’ve besmirched my favourite deodorant, I shall move on to Lynx Glasgow. It’s a bit more earthy and makes you want to punch people for no good reason, and talk with an incomprehensible accent.

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