Zoo #18 – Sloth

Consider now the two-toed sloth,
Gamely hanging on with both
His sharpened claws onto a tree,
Whilst envying the sloths with three.

It struck me that the last couple of rhymes – although undoubtedly nonsense – have drifted away somewhat from the original short and sharp, in and out, ethos of the earlier zoo rhymes, so this is intended as something of a return.  Truth is, it is impossible not to love a sloth with their big smiley faces – even though they are, apparently, covered in fleas, ticks and even moss.  They can’t scratch them off can they?  It’s so easy to lose your grip when you’ve only got two toes…

11 thoughts on “Zoo #18 – Sloth

  1. Yes, please consider the sloth
    One of my favorite sons
    I’d even take one made of cloth
    to have one in my (blank blank blank )

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahaha Yes, I am tired.

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