Zoo #17 – Quail

She had this piece of homework
To finish off today
It says she must describe a quail
So I helped in my own way.


A quail is like a partridge,
A partridge like a grouse.
A grouse is like a moorland fowl,
He wouldn’t harm a mouse.

A mouse is like a gerbil,
A little like a rat.
A rat is like a guinea pig,
I’m almost sure of that.

A guinea pig is smaller
Than a rabbit or a dog.
It’s nothing like a lion,
And nothing like a frog.

A frog and toad are different,
Although I’m not sure how,
But both of them are absolutely
Nothing like a cow.

A cow is like a bison,
A bison like a yak.
A yak is like a camel…..
A little – from the back.

A camel’s like a llama,
A llama’s got a lot
Of everything and anything
Our friend, the quail, has not.

I hope that this has helped you
With what you need to know.
Whenever you have homework
I’ll always have a go.

So, when your teacher asks you,
You know you cannot fail.
Just hand her in your sheet that says
“It’s nothing like a whale…..”

You know what it’s like when you start and you can’t seem to stop.  I don’t know what made me think of a quail; I’m not even certain that they have them in zoos, but if they do, at least you will now know what you are looking at…

13 thoughts on “Zoo #17 – Quail

  1. Grabs my head from spinning
    round and round it goes.
    I’m not sure who’s winning
    In this round of woes

    The poor quail lives on alone
    hiding in the bush
    Colin now however simply must atone
    For giving us the bum’s rush.

    WHAT??????? IT RHYMES!!!!

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  2. Here in Colorado
    We will not try to fail
    In fact out on our eastern plains
    We have two types of quail

    One is called the Scaled Quail
    The other’s named Bobwhite
    The latter oft repeats his name
    In the middle of the night

    If you’d like to see some quail, friend
    That is quite finger lickin’
    They fix it up nice, on the Plains
    To help save the Prairie Chicken

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  3. Well, we now know what not!

    (See me after class)
    Despite the finely fledged detail
    Your’s remains an uneducating tale,
    It merely regales what ain’t a quail,
    Ho hum homework = a massive fail.

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