Zoo #16 – Pig

Consider now the humble pig
Who has a brain that’s very big;
Who fate has cast, by some mishap
As perfect filling for a bap*.

Pity please the humble porker
Who never got to see Majorca:
No sun-dipped beach on which to lie,
For him the bottom of a pie.

Consider now his certain fate,
To end his days on dinner plate
Emulsified as paté starter,
Extruded in a chipolata.

How can it be, this brainy beast
Is viewed as nothing but a feast?
The answer lies in evolution –
To be less tasty, the solution.

Now, I haven’t eaten meat for years, but I have no bones whatsoever with those that do.  It is a personal choice.  Killing to eat and survive is certainly no crime.  Although killing for fun is quite another thing, in my humble opinion: especially since we so revile other creatures that kill to live if their actions impinge upon us in any negative way.  Anyway, pigs fascinate me in this way.  My grandad always used to say that the only part of a pig that you cannot eat is the squeak.  It is almost as if the animal had been especially created just for food.  So, why is it so brainy?  Even more perplexing, as it is so brainy, why doesn’t it do something about it?  Why hasn’t it evolved cute? Maybe koalas are good to eat, but you wouldn’t eat one, would you?

*Bap – a bread bun.  The average Briton has more words for the humble bread roll than the Inuit have for snow.

13 thoughts on “Zoo #16 – Pig

  1. I LOVE a good pork Roast.
    Who doesn’t? on Toast.
    But mustard is the way to go
    Dip it, eat it, and …………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    1. They are good eatin’, as a matter of fact. I had a buddy that got a couple and he gave me some pork chops and steaks and it was really good. They are open season in Texas all year ’round. Just need a hunting license and landowner’s permission where applicable. No limit.

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  2. Bravo. I love the sly innuendo between ‘sun dipped beach to lie/bottom of a pie. Or am I over thinking that? (I’m a slow starting non morning person, it takes a while for the gears to mesh.)
    Pity the poor old boar,
    Made for food, little more,
    Once you start, it’s hard to stop,
    Everything’s snack crackling and chop.

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  3. What if the pig really is a highly evolved creature? In its brief life of luxury all of its needs are attended to by servile humans, than its life is mercifully ended with no suffering whatsoever. Almost like it planned it that way all along?

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