Blind Eye

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Today is one of those days when the very best of efforts brings me only vaguely adjacent to the perpendicular: when life is a jigsaw in which nothing fits unless it is back to front; when a door only opens in the direction other than the one I expect.  It is one of those days when rain folds around me like a blanket.  When the sun does not shine until it is low enough in the sky to blind me.  When regardless of direction, any wind that blows whips my hat off and deposits it under a bus.  It is one of those days when my phone is locked in the house – with my keys and my wallet – and my shoes…  It is one of those rare days when I have remembered to shut the bathroom window.  Today is one of those days when I do not notice the yoghurt stain until it is much too late.

Yesterday was one of those days when we in England began the drift into another Lockdown, which is scheduled to start on Thursday.  Today I am coming to grips with the implications of going through all that yet again and I just wanted to let you know, if you think that in my blogs I am turning a blind eye to it all, you’re probably right.  I will be trying my very best to let it pass me by.

Today is one of those days when I try to believe that if I ignore it hard enough, it might just go away…

Don’t worry about the world ending today: it’s already tomorrow in AustraliaSteven Wright

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  1. ‘Today is the next vexed day in the Test that is Life.’ Or something similarly down-lifting. More lockdown seems sooo stupid when its now simply a matter of half-assed half measures that will be wasted when someboris bows to pressure to re-open- and I use the word with sad deliberation- precipitously.

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