Impotent Rage

the scream

I saw this on the BBC News feed today.

I haven’t been able to watch the full video as I could not cope with it, but just open the link and look at the smile on the face of that beautiful little boy and tell me, how can they do that to him?  For God’s sake, STOP IT NOW – ALL OF YOU!

9 thoughts on “Impotent Rage

  1. People with their own agenda, without conscience, without morals and follow a god that allows/REQUIRES them to kill.
    And the innocent are always the hardest hit.

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  2. Difficult to reply to a post like this, because too heartbreaking, too huge, too unfathomable. I wonder if whoever called the airstrike saw this picture, and if it destroyed them or if they didn’t really care. Because this is just one tragic story, when there are thousands.

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    1. True, very true. I deliberately haven’t commented on anything today because this has lodged in my brain and the hopelessness of it will nag into anything I write. Problem is that everybody thinks that they are doing the right thing – but that can never be right. Thanks for taking the time to comment though – I appreciate it.

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  3. We are ruled over, Worldwide, by psychopaths & criminals. Frightened of loosing their grip on power and the wealth that goes with that power. Every day I am sickened by some new atrocity carried out in the name of religion or of an ideology that ends with an ‘ism’… I’ve just sat here for the last ten minutes trying to think of something profound to say but there are greater thinkers than me in the World and I don’t think that they could come up with the answer to all of this business. We must surely be approaching the end times now……

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