The Haphazardly Poetical – Things That Can Be Broken

Photo by Trust “Tru” Katsande on Unsplash

This started life as a simple list on a scrap of paper that I found on my desk. I have no idea why I made it. I picked it up with the intention of shredding it when I noticed the rhymes. I pulled it into some sort of order and, with very little taradiddle, it all just fell into place.

Things That Can Be Broken
Grandma’s very best bone china,
Priceless antique silk recliners’
Windows, bike chains, ice and bread,
Reeds and mirrors, silken thread.

Dreams and silence, runs of luck,
Fasts and banks and news and ducks.
This frail cast of flesh and bone,
The touchscreen on a mobile phone.

A cardboard covered pack of beer,
A Tower of Blackpool souvenir.
The sum of whole that’s formed by parts,
Human spirit, promises,


The Haphazardly Poetical