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For those of you who have been around long enough to formulate the question, but not long enough to have gleaned the answer, I will myself embark upon the New Year Blogging Schedule by addressing the conundrum that I know will be occupying your holiday brains: why do my blogs so rarely tackle the issues of the day?  Well, it is because what is topical on the days that I write these little nosegays seldom remains so by the time I publish.  Time moves on and I post so far in arrears that it has often left the building before I get round to hitting the button.  So, New Year/New Man etc etc and so on, here’s what I intend to do about it.  Henceforth I will collect all my ‘musings’ (I hope you will excuse the word – propriety will not allow me to use the word that is closer to the truth) into two piles: General Twaddle and Topical Nonsense, the contents of the latter, I will be able to drop into the stream of the former like a turd into the Thames.  It will be seamless: you will not spot the joins – even when a general topic suggests itself to me mid-topical rant, I will be able to accommodate it by instigating a third pile, a ‘somewhere between mis-understood topical issues and palpable tosh’ pile, which would occupy the space heretofore occupied by The Sun.

Today’s little time-waster is itself almost topical – a chance to wish you all a happy, peaceful and primarily healthy New Year – but already I have managed to drop a full day behind.  I am no great fan of the New Year Celebrations – it makes me too aware that the years that lay ahead are very much fewer than those that lie behind – and it takes me until today to resign myself to the bloody-minded rationalities of the year ahead.  First among them is my birthday.  I am 64 years old today.  In the days of my youth, that would have put me just one year shy of my pension (and judging from those at that time around me, probably two years from death) but what it does today is make me wonder exactly when it will be that I actually start to feel my age.  When I was a boy, men of the age I am now had worked much harder and for much longer than I have.  Most of them had fought in the war.  Women had kept the home fires burning, brought up the kids, controlled the purse-strings, managed house and home and husband and lived with the knowledge that they deserved far more than the second-class status that they then endured.  They had definitely all earned the right to feel a whole lot older than I do today: old enough for a young Paul McCartney to assume that 64 was as close to ‘end of life’ as it gets.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I do not feel like a spring chicken – probably just as well given the current avian flu situation – I start every morning with an array of pills that serve to remind me that my blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are not at all what they should be and that the little time-bomb inside my prostate is still ticking, but I don’t actually feel anything like as old as I expected to and I worry that this just could be the year when it all drops in on me.

I’m doing what I can, but I don’t want to allow staying alive to take precedence over being alive.  What I most desire from this year is that I can end it in the same kind of fettle as I head into it and that the world, itself, is still there for me to be part of on my 65th birthday.  It’s not too much for an old man to wish for is it?

Anyway, I wish you a Happy (belated) New Year one and all.  May your God/Boss/Wife/Mistress/Children (delete as appropriate) grant your every wish.


10 thoughts on “Old Man/New Year

  1. The same good wishes to you, Colin. I have to remind myself when I look at old people now that they may very well, in fact, be younger than me. It always shocks me a bit. The “me” that animates the body feels as it did 50 years ago but then I look at the physical me and I say “how the hell did this happen?” I am not sure if you meant that today is your actual birthday, but if so, appropriate good wishes for that occasion also.

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  2. Best wishes, chap. May your brain always believe you’re 40 years younger and the pain of trying to do anything you used to do easily now not be too unbearable.

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    1. Just when I thought you’d gone all Spock saying “Live long and prosper” to realise the word I’m reading is prostate. As for Spock sayings, I have to admit to having a favourite, and that is “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” as it comes in handy when looking for keys, phones, glasses, pens, the letter with the important information within it… and yes your socks 🧦 could be in the freezer.

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  3. Happy birthday, old-timer. I’ll be a youngster of 63 in February. The youthful me looks in the mirror and wonders how I got trapped in an old man’s body.

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