Sorry everyone…

…I have been incapacitated for a couple of weeks, during which time I have done absolutley nothing short of feel very sorry for myself. My recent posts have all been pre-scheduled, but that particular well is about to run dry. Hopefully we get some ‘rain’ before the New Year. The amount of ‘catching up’ reading I have to do almost certainly means that I won’t do it, but hopefully I will be able to settle back in from where we are very soon. As it stands, I feel a little marzipan fruit and a small glass of egg-nog may be just around the corner – who knows, I might stay awake for the Hootenany in a couple of days, but just in case I don’t, and I fail to make it beyond whichever ‘James Bond’ is chosen to fill the happy hours through to the ‘Dongs’ of Big Ben, I will take this opportunity to wish you all A Happy (albeit obscenely early) New Year.

Love, Light and Peace (as Mr Milligan used to say) to you all.


12 thoughts on “Sorry everyone…

  1. Lot of the dreaded lurgy about at the minute Colin. You need to drink hot lemon with garlic bulbs and a full bottle of absinthe. My granny swore by it until her liver exploded. Happy new year.

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