Zoo #52 – My Last Word on the Subject

The beast that shakes the tiger’s cage
And stirs gorillas into rage,
Who loads the straw on camel’s back
And goads the lions to attack.

Who throws the dregs of KFC,
Pulls faces at the chimpanzee
And finds in every petting zoo
The chance to pinch a chick or two.

Who locks away in fenced-in void
The species that it first destroyed.
The beast that
should be in a pen
We call it Homo Sapien…

The zoo is now closed.

17 thoughts on “Zoo #52 – My Last Word on the Subject

  1. A good run, to be sure. I have enjoyed these and agree that it has the potential to make a fine children’s book. You could have your grandchildren illustrate it and then self-publish it. What’s next?

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    1. Thank you. Just having a pause for breath – hence my non-involvement for a while – whilst I try to decide what to do. Will definitely be back soon in some way or another!

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  2. Nice but sad note.
    Look out on the Amazon- /where the Hell has it gone?/Stand stunned and amazed/ all greenery lays razed/ Jungle, animals put to the sword/ Who deserves a Darwin award?

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