Zoo #49 – Pelican

I wonder if the pelican
Really is a freak
And also if his belly can
Hold what’s within its beak.

Very, very short and sweet, but as that was the original intention of this little slot, I think I’ll just leave it there…

20 thoughts on “Zoo #49 – Pelican

  1. These are worthy definitely worthy of sending away to a publisher. Hey, you can’t have your soul crushed by being rejected if you don’t send them in. Seriously, it can’t do any harm.
    One swallow
    Doesn’t make one slimmer.

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      1. Colin, … what you can swallow?

        I writ’ and deleted, writ’ and deleted…, because although I laughed and laughed and laughed over all the things I writ’. they were too naughty.
        Without saying why, Gillian Taylforth came to mind.

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  2. We know a pelican is marvelous
    And he won’t tire or be all in
    now of this zoo we are all jealous
    But I also want to visit the zoo of Colin

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