An abject apology

I haven’t been out to run today. I haven’t really stopped to do anything that I want to do – and that includes writing this blog. I am sorry.

I will try very hard to write something tomorrow because I don’t like to see untidy gaps. Not, unfortunately, that I am seeing untidy anything at the moment because I am in receipt of a new pair of specs and, truth be told, something is definitely not where it should be. I can, with a little difficulty, arrange them in such a way that vision is available, but unfortunately when I look in a mirror I then find that my glasses sit at a forty-five degree angle across my face. Now, I know that my ears are not symmetrical and my nose is a little eccentric in its positioning but, none-the-less, this is really not working for me and I’m beginning to get a bit of neck ache. It is a situation I will have to address just as soon as I can be bothered.

Nor is this a valid reason for a) not writing a blog and b) not running, because I tend to do both in contact lenses and I have my old glasses anyway. Somehow the day has just disappeared into a miasmic haze of grandchildren, double-glazing salesmen and plumbers and I can’t seem to pick up the threads. Three consecutive nights of lying awake reading whatever came to hand (last night ‘Adrian Mole – the cappuccino years’*) listening to cats prowling (yes, you can hear that) foxes yowling and homeward bound couples bickering have taken their toll. My whole being is teetering on the brink of a sleep that will, somehow, never come. I have tried no nightcaps, I have tried one nightcap, I have tried two nightcaps; this evening will probably involve a whole bottle full. I feel like many years ago when I sat through the film ‘Ghandi’ wondering ‘why have I chosen to do this with my life? I could have stayed outside, in the sunshine, counting my toes.’

Anyway, tonight I will go to bed with a pad and paper and tomorrow I will run. One way or another you should get something that, although a day late, will fit the criteria. In the meantime, please accept my apology. As always in my life, the circumstances are beyond my control…

*Probably tells you more than you ever need to know about me that these books still make me cry with laughter at times.

22 thoughts on “An abject apology

  1. I remember reading Spike Milligan’s book, ‘My part in Hitler’s downfall’, for the first time and nearly coughed a lung up laughing. It was late and I was in bed at the time… I often wonder if the neighbours heard me and gave any thought as to what I might be up to… Probably page 32 by then….

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      1. Yes… I am a bit loud, aren’t I… I embarrass myself sometimes… I remember friends in the Am Drams saying to me once, that all the cast knew when I was in the audience. But I had to get rid of those trays of choc ices somehow…

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  2. And here I’ll sympathise; With my very first pair of progressives- ain’t that a blindingly cruel description?- I lost all depth perception. i felt like an R. Crumb ‘keep on truckin” cartoon come to life.
    You get used to it though. Do Not Adjust Your Specs.

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      1. Ive actually retained a couple of Zap comics with a few R Crumb in ’em from back in the day- puts ‘The Beano’ to shame- or is that vice versa? But yep, small world.

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  3. I’ve sat up many late at night for the Harry Potter series. Those were the days when my time was my own; when no one told me to switch off the lights…Sigh!
    I thought cats were kind of silent prowler though. I’ve heard dogs yelp and cry when I was reading ghost books and sat up all night wondering what they could have seen to elicit such an extreme response.
    As for couples bickering, well, I haven’t been lucky enough I guess. I’m sure that would be good entertainment, not exactly Netflix but such a relief for the assurance that dogs were not barking at ghosts.
    Don’t wear too many nightcaps…it is summers. 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Writing about not writing is a great way to write. I am sure of it and you have done so wonderfully. What is a double glazing salesman? You mean smooth salesman who would come door to door? LOL.

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  5. I know what caused this. Although it has been a long time taking effect it’s definitely to do with the crash you had on your bike when you were on your way to your job at the Eastgate hotel. I remember you came off your bike and thought you were ok until you looked in the Mirror and realised that one of your cheek bones had slipped and your face was all lopsided. Hope it sorts itself out soon! Babs x

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