Zoo #30 – Chimpanzee

The chimpanzee would be a fool,
To turn his brain to making tools:
To evolve himself to number one,
Far better if he made a gun.

I’m always puzzled by why, exactly, we became what we are whilst chimpanzees did not.  They have brains, they have opposable thumbs, they are bloody minded and, at times, blood thirsty – why are we the ones with the overdrafts?  Why do whales allow themselves to be harpooned, why do dolphins get caught in fishermen’s nets?  They must know something we do not – and God help them if we ever find out what it is…

I have just realised that chimpanzees also appeared in week 12 (although a completely different rhyme) of our little glide around the zoo.  You know what it’s like, constantly finding yourself back at a cage you’ve already seen…

12 thoughts on “Zoo #30 – Chimpanzee

  1. There don’t appear to be any staff at that zoo of yours, so here’s a tale about one of them…

    He’d had that zoo based ice cream stand for nigh on thirty years
    He’d seen how his confections had soothed young children’s tears
    Till one day a foul mouthed youth our hero did assail
    And stuck his dirty fingers into the ice cream pail
    This enraged our ice cream man who grabbed hold of the youth
    He dragged him up a staircase and threw him off the roof
    Into the pool of crocodiles and he landed with some force
    Followed by the ice cream, some sprinkles and some sauce.

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    1. Another nice double barrelled effort. a two shot in one poem. Heres a look at it from a chimps perspective, if I may?
      Clever chimpanzees
      Stay in their trees,
      Remaining uninvolved and un-evolved,
      Silly simple human problem solved.

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  2. Sometimes I wonder why cats aren’t the superior beings, but then again, my cat has sent the entire evening sitting on my chair while I’m sitting on the floor pecking at my laptop.

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