Zoo #21 – Aardvark

Of everything in the animal park
The broadest of smiles is on the aardvark:
Although theoretical,
If done alphabetical
It’s always the first on the Ark.

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how animals got their names?  Why a Tarantula isn’t called an ‘Arrghh!’?  Why a Lion isn’t called a ‘Shit!’?  Why a giraffe is not called a ‘Blimey!’?  Why a Platypus is not called a ‘Whatthef…’?  Who decided that a dog is a dog and a cat is a cat and not the other way round?  I’m guessing that Noah and his family may be to blame: ‘Look, we need to write something on all the gates or else we’re going to get well mixed up.  Just write something, anything, so that we can tell them apart.  The last thing we need is a duck mating with an otter or somesuch… Really?  Oh I don’t know.  Just write Platypus…’

7 thoughts on “Zoo #21 – Aardvark

  1. I don’t mean to cast aspersions on anyone’s religion but is it possible the Lord had a bit of wine before creating the platypus? And why does an Aardvark need two A’s anyway. Perhaps Noah stuttered? These are the kind of things that bug me

    Laughing is fun Try It soon

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