Zoo #13 – Bandicoot

Somebody said ‘A bandicoot,’
I had to look it up.
Another odd marsupial –
Antipodean pup.

A cross between a wombat
A kanga and a rat,
It looks as though God made it
From bits of this and that.

Distinct from almost everything –
Genetically a scrawl –
But compare it to a platypus
And it’s not that odd at all.

There’s a whole raft (Ark?) of Australian animals that are completely alien to the rest of the world.  The bandicoot has the very best name and it looks like three different animals have been crudely assembled in the dark.  However, when you live in a country that boasts a water dwelling mammal that has a duck’s bill, that lays eggs and has venom like a snake, well, sadly, you’re not really that exciting are you?

10 thoughts on “Zoo #13 – Bandicoot

  1. Venom? Venom you say? Geez you learn sommat every blinkin day don’t yer! I actually thought the platypus looked cute and kinda cuddly, a bit like a small otter with a puppy dog feel to the nose and perhaps squiggly to hold. Ain’t pickin’ one of those up in a hurry now!

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  2. My daughter was tele-teaching her 4th graders in the next room and was asking what animal they should study next. On her break I suggested the bandicoot because it was fresh in my mind. “What’s a bandicoot?” She said. “See? You need to know, now, too.” So her class went to Australia to learn about bandicoots.

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