Zoo #11 – Octopus

If you meet an octopus
On the top deck of a London bus,
Just shake his hand, as they taught you to
And say ‘How do you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do?’

I realise that I am going to lose three quarters of my audience through the course of this sentence, but if you’re my age, British and you remember the wonderful Frankie Howerd, try reading this out in his voice.  It really works…

10 thoughts on “Zoo #11 – Octopus

  1. Mother had a female friend for years, who was a relative of Frankie. She had very similar characteristics, so if you can picture a very stocky Frankie with a skirt (oh wait, he used to wear a toga). Anyways, Mother loved her, but I didn’t get her wit, as aimed at me, it just came across as being arrogant. Still, you can’t win ’em all.

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  2. I read this out loud to the family and my daughter asked why you would have to shake all eight of his hands, if you meet a human you only shake one hand, not both hands and feet.

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