Zoo #10 – Leopard

A leopard never changes spots –
Or maybe that’s the cheetah –
I couldn’t help but wonder if
A pinstripe would be neater.

As I stated last week, I am always baffled by the patterns that animals display on fur and hide.  A number of you good people explained to me the way a zebra’s stripes work, but how do spots make you disappear on a grassy plain?  It never worked for Mr Blobby*.

*Cultural reference for those outside the UK.  Mr Blobby was very popular in this country for a number of years.  It was a national aberration: one to which no-one in his/her right mind would ever admit to succumbing.  Ditto Noel Edmonds…

7 thoughts on “Zoo #10 – Leopard

  1. Four zinger lines, got a genuine LOL. I do feel for Noel though. Some are best to try to be forgotten- say, some cigar chomping creeps- but surely Noel is a genuine english eccentric? A kind of show business folly who’s been around for far too long. Hey, we can’t all be in the Tony Blackburn league. (What am I saying? Get me outta here!)

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  2. Well you got me I have no Idea. But then again when you are the most successful predators and the fastest animals on the planet you don’t really have to blend in. I love the thought of Pin Strips though. Maybe a nice gray?

    Let the laughter flow

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