Zoo #4 – Wombat

Antipodean creature
That burrows underground.
Taxonomy: marsupial –
I don’t see them around.
The countryside in which I live
Is definitely not
As dry as where the wombat is
And surely not so hot.

The native aborigines
Called it a worthless beast.
Its sedentary nature
Made it a dingoes feast.
Yet the presence of its predators
Is so very strangely sparse
As all it has in its defence
Is an armour-plated arse.

It was my plan to publish just one of these a week, but seeing as you haven’t had one yet, ‘Wombat’ you said, Herb.  I cannot lie: I had to look them up.  I had heard of them, of course, but I knew nothing about them.  Like almost everything in Australia, they are very strange to anyone who doesn’t live there, but I presume even there, their method of protecting themselves in their burrows is considered somewhat… individual.

10 thoughts on “Zoo #4 – Wombat

  1. I always love a poem that includes the word arse, I think I did one a few years back about a “Broonee” (a mythical creature of Orkney). If I find it, I will post it in your comments here.

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  2. Lovely lilt going on in the poem there. As a Kiwi I can understand a ‘Straylian (as Shane Warne is wont to say) covering their asses, especially after the Steve Smith/ Dave Warner/Cameron Bancroft fiasco when they did such a disservice to sport by not covering up their ball… tampering .A few- no mention of names, eh Shane-? speak out of their asses as well. (If you ain’t keen on cricket, sorry, I wasted your time.)

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      1. Yep, why do the finest athletes have sublime skills but so often, scarcely have a handful of brain cells that flicker now and then? Googly Shane? Iron Mike? More than a few peppered through the Premier League?

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