Zoo #3 – Rat

Ok Shaily, you get one too.  I can’t pretend that this was easy.  Nobody (with the possible exception of another rat) likes a rat…

A nonsense rhyme about a rat?
I’m really not a fan of that.
The rodent-beasts just leave me squirmin’
You can’t be funny about vermin.

I hope that fills the brief. Given time, I would probably come up with a rhyme for Ratatouille, but that’s really not the point, is it?

7 thoughts on “Zoo #3 – Rat

  1. Sweeeeeet! I agree, nobody loves a vermin…except my daughter. She is ready to pet them if they would stay still long enough, and yeah, also the lizards, whom she considers her personal friends. You next cue, Lizard

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