In Lieu of Nothing in Particular

So, I wrote a piece yesterday, that I intended to publish today, but I really didn’t like it. I had taken time over it. It had a beginning, a middle and an end, and it was about as appealing as a Channel Four documentary about Mick Hucknall, featuring interviews with Mick Hucknall, conducted by Mick Hucknall and, consequently, it has been deleted.

I now have to think about starting again with nothing much to say (I know, it has never stopped me before).

Hunt Emerson Super Nigel Best print
The reason for all of this: Hunt Emerson’s cartoon for ‘The Globe-Trotting Adventures of Nigel Tritt’

There are two positive aspects to this current state of affairs. First and foremost, it has given me an excuse to use this wonderful and recently re-discovered (in a box in the attic) cartoon by Hunt Emerson. I found it as I was completing my office ‘restructure’ and it has been sitting in front of me ever since, shouting, ‘Use me!’ It was originally published in The Radio Times almost forty years ago, to announce the arrival of a new radio serial which I co-wrote and appeared in. (The first thing I wrote that was ever properly used.)  I do not know who wrote the attached caption, but I presume that he/she went on to a long career in conveyancing*. I had considered it long-lost and as it does at least tie in nicely with the previous couple of posts, I could not resist the opportunity to share it. As it originally appeared in a mass-consumption magazine, a copy of which I purchased, I hope this will not see me visited by the Copyright Police. I do not know who owns it, but for the record, this cartoon was drawn by Hunt Emerson and it is brilliant!

And the second positive? Well, to be honest, I haven’t thought of one just yet, but bear with me, I will.

You see, I am not, by nature, one of life’s great gardeners – my wife keeps me on the books simply for my capacity to lug heavy stuff about – but today I have been emptying the compost bin which, coincidentally, requires the shifting of much heavy stuff before I can get at it. It is the perfect garden pastime for me. It requires no skill whatsoever and obliges me to be up to my elbows in something that looks a lot like horse shit for prolonged periods of time. It could be a metaphor for my life. It is, however, a peaceful job – except for when I drop something on my shin or pierce myself with something unseen – and I get to listen to the birds singing in the field and the rustle of God-knows-what in the leaves. I am at peace with the world – at least I was, until the bumble bee, whose nest I appear to have disturbed, took a particular interest in my ear and I was forced to withdraw for a while.

It was during this short hiatus that I made the not terribly difficult decision to bin my pre-written article and plan what I would do in its place…

Part one went very nicely. I find great joy in junking something that I know is just not good enough. I have written plenty of it. I think that the thrill of trepidation in the micro-second before I press the button is good for my heart. The knowledge that all but the final page of an unfinished play has accidentally been cast into the ether is guaranteed to exercise these old, furred-up arteries, particularly when I can’t find the back-up which, I have a sneaking suspicion, I may have over-written with the recipe for carrot cake anyway. A quick check however reveals that Mick Hucknall has gone. The play has not. In relief I read a few pages of the stageplay and contemplate the possibility that I might just have decided to delete completely the wrong thing anyway…

Part two is proving an altogether more thorny issue. I thought that, as I had already decided to use the cartoon, I might write about the radio series, or at least the writing of it, but it seemed like such a vanity project that I couldn’t bring myself to it. (At least, not until I have been able to get my hair done.) I have ‘done’ gardening posts before and, in the time that has subsequently passed, my agricultural aptitude has not changed. On a scale of one to ten it is Norman Lamont. Tomorrow, I have been told, I will be pruning a large green bush (that has exhausted my horticultural knowledge) that is starting to engulf the weeping cherry tree. The loppers have been sharpened. Like the moment in the film when the single teenager sets off with a torch to find out why the lights have gone off – you know this is not going to end well. I feel that it is only fair to warn the paramedics…

Now, at the beginning of this ramble, I mentioned that there were two positive aspects to finding myself with nothing to write about today and, I must admit, that ever since then I have been trying to decide what the second might be. Well, firstly, I realise that in my last post I claimed to have ‘re-found my mojo’ and, having read through the crap I wrote immediately following that, I am pleased to announce that I may have lost it again. And secondly, I have just realised that the word count has drifted comfortably past 900 – and there’s only so much nothing you can write about…

*All careers in conveyancing feel long.

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  1. 1. Another excellent piece in your inventive series entitled Much Ado About Nothing, thank you.
    2. Please, eschew the vanity project shyness and tell us more about it.

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    1. In common with others from what I understand, I received no notification of a comment from you, so please excuse my tardiness. I do like your title Much Ado About Nothing – it is a surprise to me that nobody has used it before 😉 As for the other thing, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for your continued interest.

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      1. I’m also finding the updates WP have done for their app seems to have resulted in odd comment not registering on notifications — hope they sort that out soon.

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