The Haphazardly Poetical – Bury Me – A Slight Return

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I first published a version of this poem in November of last year. (If you want to read the original, it is here.) It had a long preamble and Calmgrove, whose voice and opinion is always to be respected, felt that I had screwed it up by allowing my ‘sense of mischief’ to cock it up at the end. As usual, he was right – although, to be honest, I think he was being kind; on re-reading it I think I probably let it slip a verse before that. So, I’ve tried again, and this time I’ve swallowed my mischief.

Could be that it doesn’t work at all now, for a whole new raft of reasons. I would be pleased to hear what you think.

Anyway, here it is…

Bury Me
Bury me up in a tree
Where the warming sun can shine on me.
Not by its roots,
Or in its shade,
Nor in the silence that it’s made.

Bury me in the canopy
Where the morning birds can sing to me.
Not at its feet,
In darkened balm,
But ever held within its arms.

Lay me in that skyward place,
Held within its firm embrace.
A silhouette
On dappled skies;
Alone to face the long goodbyes.

Bury me amongst the leaves
Encased within the living wreaths
Where, should I wake
At dawn’s first call,
I won’t be held in deathly pall.

Let me lie, under the sky,
Where I can feel the world pass by,
So, when my mortal
Days are past,
My Earth and I will merge at last.

…it’s the best I’ve got, and I promise that I won’t bother you with it again.

3 thoughts on “The Haphazardly Poetical – Bury Me – A Slight Return

  1. That my friend is brilliant. I love it. I can see some of it in my minds eye, somewhat similar perhaps on a headstone somewhere like:
    When my mortal days hence passed, dear Earth and I did merge at last.

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      1. Neeer, buy a sapling for where you’re loved ones might put flower bulbs (snowdrops) around instead and when you don’t peg out, plant it somewhere else. Then buy another sapling the next year and then the next and so on and so forth, that way the longer you live, the even more productive and positive it will feel.

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