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So, this is in response to Boo’s post re. Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest.  Apparently the Halloween story has to be 100 words long and feature the words ‘Trick’, ‘Potion’ and ‘Cobwebs’.  I am a dreadful old windbag, so a hundred words?  Never.  Anyway, for Boo, I tried…

He found the potion behind his ear, presumably left there by the weird magician who had knocked on his door and did the trick with the pumpkin. He didn’t usually get tempted by such things but, what the hell… He wiped the cobwebs from the bottle, unscrewed the lid and drank deeply. He anticipated pain, it didn’t come. He anticipated writhing agony and death as a release, but what he’d actually got was a half bottle of whisky. He fetched a glass and poured a healthy slug. Well, he did choose ‘Treat’ over ‘Trick’ after all.

I’m not sure of the protocol here and, anyway, I’m not certain this quite fits the remit, but I tried…

7 thoughts on “For Boo

  1. Very trying…

    No, not really! Am tempted to try this exercise myself but I’m exhausted by visiting grandkids. You can take it from me it would’ve been a mini-masterpiece, a model of elegant loquacity, a… Oh, never mind.

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