Coming Over All Philosophical

Time never heals: it just rearranges the furniture so that you can find another way around the room.


So, having been accused of ‘coming over all philosophical’ I thought I’d better check out what that means before I decided whether to take offence or not. According to my normal source of ultra-reliable information (Wicki) Philosophy (from Greek) is the love of wisdom. The study of general and fundamental questions about existence… That’s not too bad is it? Having checked out the definition I Googled images and the first thing I noticed is that most philosophers appear to be Greek, a minimum of 2,000 years old and have, at some point over the passing millennia, had some portion of their noses chiselled off. Perhaps that is just the way of the world for those of a philosophical bent. Turn your mind to the fundamental questions of existence and some silly bugger comes along and chisels your nose off; leaving you to spend eternity facing the world with nowhere to perch your glasses.

I am familiar with only one modern philosopher – Kant – and I think I might have been compared to him at school.

Now, the reason that I was accused of being philosophical is that I scrawled the short epigram at the head of this page on a scrap of paper (directly below a reminder to buy toilet rolls as it happens) for no other reason than it came into my head. (I know, I know. I was at work so I had plenty of time on my hands.) After it was pointed out to me, I read it through and thought that I must have remembered it from somebody else, but, as far as I can see, I did not. So, what I must now ponder upon, in my own trite and clichéd kind of way is, am I philosophical? Indeed, this entire blog may be, for all I know, a philosophical discussion. In fact, it occurs to me that we are all philosophers (in which case I caution you to take steps to protect your nose). We all study – or at least consider – the fundamental questions of existence. Who amongst us has never wondered “Why me?” Who has not accidentally switched on X-Factor and wondered about the futility of life?

Of life, love, death and religion I know nothing more than what it takes to make it through the day. Yet it seems to me that everybody has something to say and that everything that is said is of value – if only to make you aware of how fundamentally you disagree with it. Of course, for those who can only come up with hate and abuse – well, you’ve just proved me wrong haven’t you?

I will leave you with two quotes, both of which are definitely by other people, either of which may (or may not) be philosophical. You decide.

‘By the time I realised my father was right, I had a son telling me I was wrong.’ (Henry Winkler)

‘I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.’ (Emo Phillips)

PS Whilst I was considering what to write today I trimmed my beard without realising that the head had fallen off the trimmer. Consequently I no longer have a beard and when I look in the mirror I am greeted by an un-set blancmange with eyes. Try to be philosophical about that!

3 thoughts on “Coming Over All Philosophical

  1. You know that if you rearrange the furniture around the room of a room that has been like that for younks, it can lead to not finding your way around in the dark when half asleep or a bit sozzled and at worse pee in the wardrobe! I do approve of a bit o’ feng shui though, which is totally translated as environmental common sense.


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