The Utter Frustration of Not Being Able to Work Stuff Out…


I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I get when I cannot work stuff out. At the moment I have an issue in posting comments on my followed sites on WordPress. I post the comment, it is there, I can see it. I can see the little timer thingy telling me how long it is since I posted the comment. Then I go off to do something else and when I come back to it, my comment has gone. It does not appear on the counter. It does not appear in the conversation. It does not appear to have been there in the first place. Except it was, I put it there.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that it doesn’t really matter. But, you know what, it bloody does! First off it matters that I can’t tell people when I really like what they have written. Not to them, I’m sure, but it does to me. Also it matters that I can’t seem to work out why it’s happening or how to sort it out. I’m no tech genius, but this should be easy to sort out. Somehow. But it’s not. I can’t do it. I am totally impotent and it is killing me. I am frustrated beyond words. I just keep on posting comments in case one of them sticks, hoping that I can remember what I did differently should it happen, but knowing that I won’t. If it suddenly sorts itself out, somebody is going to receive a whole lot of comments – all of them the same.

Anyway, until I work this out (actually until somebody else works this out for me) I’m not able to comment on the blogs I like, so, maybe you can just imagine that I have done. I would never bother to comment on blogs I don’t like, so you can discount that. If you haven’t received my comment, I can assure you that I have made it, and if I’ve made it, I can assure you that it is positive – otherwise I wouldn’t have made it.

There. I feel better now that you know and I can get on with my life… except that the pigging thing is haunting me and will do until I sort it out or it gives me a heart attack. Unfortunately I know which is the more likely.

Just as long as you know. If I haven’t commented, I probably have. If I have, it was almost certainly to say how much I liked what you had to say and please forgive me, but I am now going to drown out the pain with loud music and chocolate…